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Getting ready to Sell Your Home

1)   Call us to get a Comparative Market Analysis on your home. Its important to price your home competitively. The most showings are almost always in the first 2 weeks your home is on the market. If your price is too high to start with, you will probably loose your chance for a fast sale (so you can move on with your life).

2)   Communicate with your lending agency to find out what your loan payoff is.

3)   Check your tax records to see the county valuation of your home. You may or may not agree with the county’s value but most buyers will use it as a gauge to value your home when they decide to make an offer. If you believe the county value is low then you need to be able to explain why….like: you have recently remodeled the kitchen, bath, deck, etc.

4)   Make a list of all the repairs (inside and out) you have been planning to do. Realize buyers will also want them done. Do the necessary repairs. Delayed maintenance only makes a buyer wonder what else is wrong with the house that they can’t see.

5)   Begin preparations by placing valuables in safe locations (out of sight) so they will not be shown when pictures are taken for the listing. The same applies when preparing for Open Houses.

6)   We all have our personal touches displayed for our friends and families to see. Buyers want to see the open non cluttered spaces. So pack as much of those personal treasures as you can and put them away. You want the buyer to remember your house, not your personal items.

7)   Be Proactive - do a pre-inspection by a Home Mechanical Inspector. Use the report to repair noted items before listing your home.

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We will be happy to provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis

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