Great Spring Market

We are really seeing a turn-around for the real estate market here in Lawrence. Sales of existing homes are up from the last few years. There are more new home being built in developments; with good pricing on lots as well. There is even shortages of homes in certain price ranges. If you add these facts along with VERY LOW interest rates you will understand why we are excited about this spring’s real estate market.

Please contact us if you are wanting to take advantage of this real estate market change. We can be of service in selling your home, finding a home to purchase, even figuring out which lot in what development and what kind of a home you want to build.


Let us help you take advantage of this greatly improved market……theWENGERs

One Hot and Dry Summer!!

                Have you seen the cracks in the ground and how the dirt has pulled away from the sidewalks and drives? You may have even noticed a few doors that need adjustment because the latch won’t engage the strike. It is because the clay which is under all of Lawrence is drying up and shrinking. Although there is very little you can do until we get more rain and cooler weather, there is one thing a landscaper told me many years ago that may help control your home’s movement. We were planting the landscape around the perimeter of our home and I wanted to save a little by just installing the sod on the sides of our home. He told me that as I watered the plants to keep them healthy I would also be keeping the dirt against the foundation moist to it wouldn’t shrink. With the dirt moist, the clay stays expanded, therefore your foundation and footings stay stable and your home won’t shift as much. Another advantage is that when a big rain comes the water won’t be able to just run down your foundation wall, possibly finding a crack and entering your basement.

Stay COOL and water those plants! ……. theWENGERs

The Start of Summer

Does your basement feel cold and damp, maybe even a little musty smelling? Many finished basements have these symptoms through the summer months. If so, your basement needs to have more balanced air movement and less humidity.

I’ve found that by turning my furnace fan to “run”, letting the furnace fan run all the time, I can reduce the cold feeling in my basement and I don’t have to adjust all the registers to change from winter to summer.

The humidity issue is a little more complex only because you need to purchase a dehumidifier. The best place to put it is near a floor drain so you don’t need to empty it daily. A lot of times when I start mine in the early spring the coils freeze up and I just have to turn it off for a while to let it thaw out. By early June everything is usually operating automatically with comfortable temperatures and low humidity in my finished basement.

For those of you with an unfinished basement, I still recommend running the dehumidifier thru the summer to control humidity. It will keep all the boxes and paper stored in the basement from getting soft.

Remember…our high humidity in Kansas seems to make most basements feel cool and damp…be active in keeping your indoor environment comfortable and nice smelling, especially in the basement.

Have a wonderful summer……theWENGERs

Prices Lowered on 2 listings

We have some good news if you are a buyer.  Our Seller of 3640 W 10th Street, told us to drop the price to $115,000 and to ask for offers. Don’t forget that it could easily be a townhome with 3 bedrooms, a walk out basement and 2 living areas.

The Sellers of 1625 Pennsylvania have told us to lower its price to $112,000.

Call us and we’ll get you into either or both houses. We can also show you other homes in the market that meet your criteria.

If financing is an issue, we can recommend some good finance professionals to try and solve that problem. Don’t forget interest rates are really good and won’t last forever.

See you soon!……theWENGERs

Saturday Open Houses

          We will have 3640 W 10th Street open Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00. You really need to come by and see this townhome. It is listed as a 2+bedroom home but with one wall and a door it could be a 3 bedroom home. The master bedroom and bath are handicap accessible. This townhome has a walk-out basement and a nice sized one car garage.

We will also have 1625 Pennsylvania open Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00. You will love the quiet neighborhood and spacious fenced yard.

If you are trying to decide if you should lease again or purchase a home, you owe it to yourself to come out and see both of these homes. With the interest rates where they are, it just may be the time to make a change. We can recommend some good lending companies who should be able to qualify you and close a loan before August 1st.

See you Saturday! …..theWENGERs

Memorial Day weekend is here!

School is out and the summer is beginning! We hope you are going to take advantage of the beautiful weather that is forecast for this Memorial Day weekend.

Duplex with walk-out basement

3640 W 10th Street

quiet neighborhood & large back yard

1625 Pennsylvania


Next weekend we will have   3640 W 10th Street                         and 1625 Pennsylvania open for you to come by and see.


One of these may be the home you are looking for or the investment property you know would be easy to rent.

Don’t forget that the interest rates are really good and won’t last forever.

See you next weekend! …….theWENGERs